Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is created from a solid piece of timber that is cut from a tree, milled and kiln dried and then finished in one of a variety of stays. Solid wood is considered the premium choice of real wood floors, and although more sensitive to moisture and temperature levels, if laid correctly will last for hundreds of years.


If you’re looking to create a really sophisticated and contemporary look, then natural solid wood flooring is a big part of creating that neutral and minimalistic look, which is key to modern living areas. Here at the hardwood flooring studio, we specialize in high quality wood flooring that can really help create a stunning contemporary living room. Our solid wood ranges are a perfect fit for the modern feel, with a variety of finishes.

Its traditional to use certain types of wood flooring in certain architectural styles. For example, wide plank pine is very closely associated with a country look. Its the wood most widely used. Most of the homes of that era were rustic, and the style has remained. In contrast, classic white oak, another perfect choice for wide plank flooring, is often shows elegant or more formal look.

Traditional Oak Plank Flooring

Oak wide plank hardwood flooring, which is now being offered among our many collections, is a unique wood with many stunning features. These individual features, ranging from the deep and traditional color to the high level of work that goes into the installation of this product, differentiate it from others, It adds warmth, richness colour and texture, and just like good wine it looks better and better with age.

Parquet Flooring

We specialize supplying and installing parquet flooring. We source different materials, including maple, oak, pine, lime, and walnut. There are budget options as well as more expensive varieties. They are made from woods such as bamboo and other expensive types of timber. Parquet flooring is classic and elegant and adds beautiful detailing and value to your house. parquet flooring is a beautiful addition to traditional, contemporary, and modern homes.